At Apex Roofing, we pride ourselves in quality craftsmanship at competitive prices. We have been servicing the Southern California area for over 30 years. We stay true to professional standards with a family owned and operated business. The Apex motto is to keep you dry through the winter and your roof looking great through the summer. Our roofing materials are quality products and our technicians have years of experience, thus, making them an integral part of our success.

At Apex, we focus on Commercial Businesses just as much as we focus on Residential Clients. When your roof is in our hands, your needs and the quality of your roof is our #1 priority. We understand business relationships, and value our position as a public service.

We appreciate your roof is part of the overall investment in your property and we are here to provide it’s upkeep to mirror that fact. Browse around to see what truly makes Apex Ent. Roofing stand out from the rest.

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Did you know... Some Interesting Roofing Facts:

A Thatcher's Trademark

In early England, roofing was primarily done by groups of families known as Thatcher's. They used to thatch their trademarks or today known as emblems into the roofs of their clients homes in the shape of different birds and in different positions. Even today, you could walk down the street and see the emblems of the Thatcher's who had completed the roofing job on preserved homes.

Early America

In early America, most roofs were tiled with clay tiles. It was believed that clay tiles prevented scorching and burning of buildings, should they catch on fire. This type of roofing was fundamental to protecting the rest of the architectural structure.

In the Southwest, tile roofs for the Spanish Missionaries were manufactured right here in San Antonio De Pauda, California. The flat molding of these tiles were formed by molding clay over sections of logs.

By the mid-19th century, tile roofs were largely replaced by sheet metal roofs because they were lighter and easier to maintain.